Most car wash facilities are required by law to treat and/or reuse their water and may be required to maintain waste-water discharge permits, in contrast to unregulated facilities or even driveway washing (at one’s home), where waste-water can end up in the storm drain and, eventually, in streams, rivers and lakes.

We offer fully automated and full-service car wash, where our expertly chosen attendants will not just wash the vehicle, but will bathe it like a baby. Mechanized car washes, especially those with brushes, were once avoided by some meticulous car owners because of the risk of damaging the finish.

Customer dealing at Dream Team Detailing (car detailing) are highly professionals, honest and we'll equipped, used celebrated machines & materials which are best for car protection as well as long lasting. 

Shane Melaugh

Excellent experience they are real professional and using best product. I go for general service of my car, lot of scratches, swril and interior is also need to be clean and now its look like a new car. Great work keep it up

Jane Doe

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For all your needs of car wash, deep cleaning, steering wheel alignment, exterior and interior cleaning, paint protection film, wax polishing, car underbody, brakes and car detailing the only name you have  to remember is Car Wash.